KSHMR-Carry Me Home (ft. Jake Reese)

[Verse 1]
There was a time, you and I
曾有一刻 只有妳我
Get faded together, on the floor
一同消逝 塵土之上
So high and I stayed there forever
人間仙境 我要永遠待在那兒

[Pre-Chorus 1]

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Imagine Dragons Ft. Kygo - Born To Be Yours 

[Verse 1: Dan Reynolds]
I know I've given up
A hundred times before
But I know a miracle
Is not something to ignore

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Martin Garrix & Khalid - Ocean 汪洋

[Verse 1: Khalid]
Tell me what you're crying for
告訴我 妳為何而泣
Oh my God, taste so rough
我的天啊 如此難受的滋味
If you're so in, take in love
如果妳愛之深 請接受我
We'll come for you for sure

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David Guetta & Showtek – Your Love 你的愛

Oh I can speak, is that truth
噢 我可以大聲宣布,這是真的
Anyone can see there's a fire in you
Comin' at you hurry
If you wanna be free

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〈Pink Lemonade 粉紅檸檬水〉這首歌意旨曖昧期雙方的感情狀態,某一方在等著對方開口告白,而另一方因為不想與對方最後分手、讓彼此受傷而遲遲不肯開口,又酸又甜的粉紅檸檬水的滋味大概就是如此吧~
最近貝先生出新專輯《Electric lights 電光》,可以到youtube、spotify聽聽囉!!

James Bay - Pink Lemonade

[Verse 1]
Don't fall into my arms
Don't ask me to repeat it
Don't suffocate my heart

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James Bay - Wild Love

[Verse 1]
Don't know what to say to you now
Standing right in front of you
Don't know how to fade in and out
Don't know how to play it cool

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獨立另類搖滾歌手James Bay貝先生今年五月出新專輯《Electric Light電光》,可以到youtube、spotify聽串流囉!
也推薦他以前2015出的〈Hold back the river〉與〈Let it go〉,這兩首是James最好聽、感人又廣為人知的歌!!!

James Bay  - Wasted On Each Other

[Verse 1]
Hold onto something, I can feel the floor leaving
We're done with coming up and way past coming down

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Selina Gomez - Back To You 
[Verse 1]
Took you like a shot
Thought that I could chase you with a cold evening
Let a couple years water down how I'm feeling about you
(Feeling about you)

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Flames 希望之火

[Intro: Sia]
Oh, oh

[Verse 1: Sia]
One foot in front of the other babe
一步一步走向前 寶貝
One breath leads to another yeah
一呼一吸活著向前 耶
Just keep moving, oh

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House Of Cards 紙牌屋

[Verse 1: Sidnie Tipton]
Go on, show me your ace of spades
I'll let you win again
Just to fall
No dice, this is real life we live

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